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Roll Forming

Roll forming is a continuous cold rolling and bending operation, metal products roll formed at room temperature, in which strip metal is transformed along a linear axis. Cold roll-formed sections have a much wider scope of cross section if compared with press braked sections and have no length limitation. Production is much faster than with press brakes, the decision to roll or press brake depends largely on economics; in general the greater the quantity of given section required, the cheaper it is to form by rolling. Custom roll forming combine design, engineering service and roll forming technology to produce metal parts to meet specific needs, the scope covers various industry, such as automotive, appliance, building trades, fenestration industry, HVAC, lighting, office furniture. Rolling and garage door, shelving and racking, slides and rails, toolbox, wire race way, etc.

Cold Roll Forming Line brief specification
We furnish the metal sheet cold roll forming equipments (roll forming machines) with special equipment and extend the scope of supply to embrace complete roll form systems or production lines. The whole Roll forming equipment components is depended upon your individual requirements.
The standard configuration roll-forming line is usually composed of several basic units as following,

• De-winding

• Straightening head of roll forming line

• Sheet metal loop creating equipment

• Pressing and hole punching

• Pre-punching system on roll forming line

• Shearing and press cutting equipment

• Material Feeding device

• Run-out table for roll forming line

•Main Roll-forming line


General Type Cold Roll Forming Lines
Roll forming lines may be equipped with a large variety of components in order to suit the Customer’s need. The roll former or the more complex roll forming lines are usually supplied complete with rollers these being actually the core of the cold roll forming technology.

We manufacture the wide range of roll forming lines for many industry, our products can meet the needs of any customer through customization and innovation. The types of roll forming machines technology specifications are as following.

Fixed type Roll forming Line-----produce one size only
Only one kind profile can be produced by this roll forming line.

Fixed type Roll forming Line

This kind of roll forming line is the most popular in the present market, and can be used in different profile industry.
If customer has large quantity profiles should be produced, and has full production space, this roll forming equipment is a better option. No need to waste time to replace the mold and line adjusted.
There have several style about this kind roll forming machine. The details are as following.
Machine Table style: casting steel frame and steel plate frame
Driving method: chain drive, gears drive, cardan shaft and gear driving (double envelope worm gear boxes, or only down transmission form)
Still we can design one or two profiles produced by one of this kind roll forming machine, 
Different Roll forming machine systems, such as the different driving system with chain drive, direct gear, or with cardan shaft, etc, all depending on customer's need and budget.

Roll-former with cardan shaft

Roll-former with steel plate

Roll-former with casting steel

Roll-former with direct gear

Duplex Roll-former---Roll-former with fix or mobile shoulders

Duplex Roll-former

Double duplex roll-formers are also called Roll-former with fix or mobile shoulders, the range of Duplex roll-forming machines is designed to roll-form sections onto both sides of the panel simultaneously. Roll-forming Machines are constructed with one fixed head and one adjustable head to allow varying widths of sheets to be formed. Since applications vary so greatly machines are custom built to take differing requirements into account.
For panel applications a twin head machine can be supplied with variable distance between the forming standards to allow different widths of panel to be formed simultaneously on both sides, Your product range contains many similar profiles with varying widths and heights. Then the Double duplex roll-formers may be exactly the right choice for you.
The flexibility of this kind Roll-former with fix or mobile shoulders offers numerous applications, such as, for the production of air ducts, steel shelves (shelving), air ducts, profiles for steel windows, cable conduits, door frames or steel furniture parts., cold store panels, and many more industries where variable widths of formed panel are needed. Finished components can therefore be manufactured by means of additional punching and bending operations.
A full range of economical roll-forming machines for panel forming with edge profiles.

Quick change table type Roll forming machine-----Roll-former With Cassette System For Quick Change
Rapid Change Rafting provides complete roll change-overs in minutes. Advantage: Less downtime.

Roll-former With Cassette System


System of quick-change cassettes
In order to save time on exchanging and setting different rollforming rolls on the same machine, the line can be equipped with the quick-change cassettes. This then involves the removal of the whole rollforming section including the set tools and replacement with another. This procedure can help to significantly decrease the time it takes to exchange a manufactured section.
This is a Rafted Roll forming System. This system is used when differing profiles are needed to be formed with a quick change facility. Rafts of several passes are lifted in and out of position to allow the common drive chassis to be used to the full roll forming industry.
It’s the roll forming equipment easy to be accepted by clients. The most advantage of such forming machines is no need to be adjusted, so the running cost will be lower than the common roll forming machines. And it is very fast to change the different rafted system.
Changeable type Roll forming line


Changeable type
Roll forming line

The roller set on such roll forming line can be easily moved out and put the new roller set in with its special design. this enable production the different product profiles in the same machine without performing re-alignment
Quick change roll forming line offers changeover flexibility, Designed for light gauge materials. Remove existing shafts with rollers, spacers, replace them with the next complete set of rolls, spacers., changing stations approximately 20 minutes or less for complete changeover.

Changeable type
Roll forming machine
Mechanical quick change
(Rotary rack)
Hydraulic quick changeable machine
(Rotary rack)

Quick change table and changeable type roll forming line

Quick change table and changeable type
roll forming line
This kind roll forming lines Combine the up quick changeable types advantage.With over 25 years experience in the roll forming industry, we has the ability to provide variety of roll formed parts part special attention to demanding tolerances, expertise in the metal roll forming process, coupled with our state-of-art roll-forming equipment, produces effective results that will meet your demands. Our innovative roll forming and stamping techniques streamline production and reduce costs while increasing quality

Advantage of Roll Forming
Roll forming offers a number of distinct advantages over other metal fabricating methods. Advantages include:

  • The initial cost of a roll forming line is no more, and often less, than the cost of a standard stamping line or progressive die operation.
  • Production speeds of 50-600 feet per minute can be attained but 100-180 feet per minute is a reasonable average for most current equipment.
  • Roll forming is a high volume process that makes uniform and accurately dimensioned parts.
  • Parts are produced with little handling, minimizing labor costs, needing only the coils to be loaded at the starting end of the machine and removal of finished parts at the other end. This process can usually be handled with a minimal number of operators.
  • Roll forming can also be used for low-volume production because setup or changeover time for new parts is not lengthy.
  • Maintenance costs are generally low. The form rolls can produce several million feet of product before problems occur when properly maintained.
  • The roll forming process is easily combined with other operations and processes to automatically form a considerable range of metal parts.
A few limitations also exist. Roll forming limitations include:
  • Experienced roll design engineers must design those rolls designed for complex shape forming.
  • Complicated tubular shapes, and some closed shapes, may need mandrels to form the shape accurately.
  • Delicate, breakable, machine parts may need recurrent replacement during high volume production runs.

Cold Roll Formed Products

Roll formed products

General Roll formed products
The General Metal Sheet Profiles manufactured with JACK-AIVA roll forming lines are as following.

  1. Open Section
  2. Close-seamed section
  3. Closed clinched sections
  4. Pre-punched section

Automotive; Construction; Display Industry; Farming; Food Services; Fencing; Furniture; HVAC; Lawn & Garden; Lighting, Material Handling; Mining; Shelving; Store Fixture; Sporting Goods; Transportation, Ceiling Systems, etc.

We manufacture many standard and custom Roll formed Profiles. An unlimited number of different sections can be manufactured with the cold roll forming process, Open section, Close-seamed section, Closed clinched sections, Closed HF-welded section, Pre-punched section. We provide cold roll forming machines and equipment for all types of industries. Roll manufactures customized roll formed products, roll formed shapes include angles, struts, C-channel, U-channel, T-shapes, hat sections, round Z-shapes. Decorative sheet roll forming machine

Custom rollformer, building products, window shutters, Venetian blinds, metal door frames, storage shelf profiles, cable conduits, ballbearing drawer slides and rails, automotive parts, composite tubes,
Roll forming machines quality is guaranteed by mechanical precision and computerised programming

We invite inquiry for any of your Roll Formed Profile requirement or Custom Roll Forming.
Let us know your requirements, we will find the best solutions.


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