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Aux Equipments for Automobile parts

 In addition to the major automobile manufacturing equipment profile Cold forming equipment, with a certain amount of auxiliary equipment needed to properly produce the corresponding profiles. There is also a straight line and circular servo hydraulic cutting machine, hydraulic straight cutting sawing machines and other auxiliary equipment can be customized according to customer requirements.
This is the technology to bend metal parts with complex cross-section profiles, often used for body parts of automobile, to three-dimensional directions.
We develop bending machines and molds all in-house to realize bending tailored to each customer’s needs.

3-Axis Stretch Bending machine

Dimensional stretch bending machine

3-Axis stretch bender Product Description:
The 3-Axis stretch bender is mainly used for automobile door frames, window frames, rain gutter, and other parts that should be curved. This is the automatic machine with the process theory, machine configuration and molds CAD, electrical and hydraulic transmission. With the Japanese mature stretch bending technology, we developed with widely applicability of the mechanical linkage, and multi-axis three-axis dynamic three-dimensional stretch bending sequence of basic institutions and a variety of tooling deformation bodies; developed curved shape a common host, and developed a series of parameters. Device can store multiple sets of stretch-bending process to adapt to different products.

3-Axis stretch bender Electrical System:

1. Source power: 3x AC 380V
2 Electrical Equipment Power consumption: about 25KW
3 Electrical Equipment Rated current: about 50A
4 power into the wire cross section (copper):
5 Control Power Supply: AC220V
6 Common solenoid valve power supply: DC24V
7 Proportional solenoid valve power supply: DC24V DC48V
8 Limited switching power supply: DC24V
9 Operation platform power supply: DC24V
10 Scale Power: DC5V
11 Oil pump motor power: AC3-phase 380V

3-Axis stretch bender System Specification:
1. Stretch bender is with hydraulic control of various process action is mainly positioning portion of the cylinder lock. Hydraulic control system and cylinder part of the unified control system by PLC and touch screen control. The whole control system uses letters and electronic proximity switches position foot positioning sampling, PLC based touch screen to set the parameters and close the switch signals and electronic foot positioning sampling data for follow-up actions on electrical instructions, thus completing the molding cycle.

2. Stretch bender for each process is consisted of two sides clamping action, leveling stretch, two sides rotation and lifting, etc.
These are designed according to different procedures for different mold technology of action.

Double heads Cutting Machine
The device is mainly used for automotive interior and exterior water-cut of the fixed-length and angle of cut, blade angle X - Y - Z three directions can be adjusted, is integrated electro-hydraulic automation equipment, and by replacing the fixture can be sawn different products, with a certain degree of versatility.



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