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CGF1 flange duct Roll Former

It’s the duct flange forming machine similar with roll former PDF3 we designed with our clients’ request. CGF1 flange duct Roll Former is designed to form the CGF1 flange 20/30 Profile on both edges (outboards) per pass, one side of the machine Rollforms the 20 mm CGF1 flange profile, the other side Rollforms the 30 mm CGF1 flange profile. These can be used individually or simultaneously if required. The hardened steel roller tooling carries intermediate rolls to allow forming down to 400 mm long without trolley and 200 mm with trolley. It can accept short pieces without the need for clamps. The Minimum length is 250mm.
CGF1 flange flange profile can let you to make more duct connections on the ground for larger duct lifts and more productive installation.

CGF1 Flange Roll Former Machine Technology Specification

Raw material:

GI steel strip, carbon steel strip, etc

Flange Heights

20mm / 30mm

Raw material thickness range (mm):

20mm Profile - 0.6mm - 0.8mm gauge
30mm Profile - 0.8mm - 1.2mm gauge.

Forming roller station quantity:

About 20 Stations

Motor power

7.5kw, AC380v, 50HZ

Weight (KG):

About 2000

Line Dimension (L*W*H)mm:


TDC flange profile:

(according to the client’s sample or drawings)

CGF1 Flange Rollform is with rotary metal stitching. The last two stations on the rollforming section perform the stitching operation. With our more than twenty years experience, the flange profiles from the line is perfect and tighten.

Custom flange profiles roll former is according to clients’ requests!



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