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Polyurethane foam-filled rolling shutter slat Machine

Insulated Rolling Shutters for door & window

Insulated Roller Shutter Products
The versatile rolling shutters door and window coverings that have been widely used in Europe for over 100 years. They offer energy savings, privacy and security, while enhancing the value and beauty of the home. Although insulated rolling shutters are associated with security and sun control, they can also decrease dust, noise and sun damage to furniture, draperies and carpets.

Rolling shutters now have become extremely popular not only in Europe, but around the world. In many European countries, such as Germany, Italy, France and Spain, roll shutters are a standard feature on homes and businesses. The roll shutter business has grown to become a multi-billion dollar industry. The products’ popularity has spread to the Middle East, Australia, South America and to the United States.

Polyurethane Rolling Shutter Slats Roll Forming Machine components

Our rolling shutters are custom built for each application with many options for your exact needs.
Rolling Shutter Slats Roll Forming Machine for producing single layer products is consisted of de-coiler, main roll-forming machine, straightening part, PU foam-filled device, cut-to-length tracing cutter, run-out table, etc.

Polyurethane insulated Roller Shutter Slats Roll forming line

Polyurethane foam-filled rolling shutter slat Machine

Line structure

Portal-type frame style,  45# steel

Forming Roller Stations:

35 Stations

Forming Roller shaft:


Forming rollers

GCr15, Quenching, hardness HRC56-62º

Forming Speed:


Main motor:


Material of Sheet:


Feeding material thickness:

0.3 to 0.5 mm;

Cutting mode:

Automatic cut-to-length control

Insulated Roller shutters production with foam-filled slats

This roll forming machine is for producing aluminum shutter door & window slats with foam-filled, Our Roll-forming lines complete with the tooling suitable to produce the foamed rolling shutter profiles in different sizes,. inline foaming, punching and cutting to length operations. Lines for high density or low density foamed profiles.




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