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C-Z Purlin Machine

C-Z Purlin Industry
C-ZPurlin is an integral part of light steel structure. C/Z purlin is made of hot rolled steel, hot rolled galvanized steel, hot dip galvanized steel and high strength steel. After the process of continues roll-forming, C/Z purlin gained the following features.
Features of Cee and Zee profile:
● Dead weight is very light. The section performance in unit weight is excellent. For same area, steel quantity can be reduced, lowering the material costs.
●It is of high strength. It can be closely connected, increasing the bearing capacity of the structure.
● It is easy to install. It can be tailor made on large quantity. Digital scale, machine-made drilling and removing rust are finished in workshop. It can be installed once it is transported to the worksite.
● Smooth surface, precise size, excellent rust-resistance property and long-term durability.
With the advantage of Cee & Zee purlin, they are widely used as the supporter of roof and wall in large-scale and mid-scale construction, such as factory, warehouse, garage, exhibition center, cinema, theatre, garden in steel structure industry and so on.

Automatic C-Z purlin changeable machine

C-Z Automatic purlin machine adopts the special technology, it is no need to modified any parts on the line if to change producing C purlin to Z purlin, 

Automatic C-Z purlin changeable machine components:
This whole line is consisted of de-coiler (mainly consists of un-coiler and its base), gearing rigging, roll stand and main machine, pressuring system, cutting equipment, hydraulic system, control system, and product supporter, PLC control system, etc.

Automatic C-Z purlin changeable machine Technology Processing Drawing:
De-coiling---Coil sheet guiding and feeding---sheets Pre cutting------cut-to-length----Roll forming---- Hydraulic punching holes---cut to length—stacking production

Automatic C-Z purlin changeable machine Main Parameters:

Feeding material Thickness:

1.4—3mm (Q195, Q235)

Line speed:

10-15m/min (not including cutting material time)

Forming station:

20 sets

Material of roller:

GCr15, 9CrSi steel, polished and coated with chrome, hardness HRC58-62

Forming Roller Stations:

20 Stations

Main power:


Hydraulic station power:


Hydraulic pressure:


Feeding device and straightener power:


Control system:

PLC Control



High: 40-85mm

Z Purlin:

Width: 100-300mm 


Size of main machine:


Equipment weight:


C-Z purlin changeable machine photos

C-Z Purlin Roll Forming Machine
C and Z shape roll forming machine are much more efficient and producing unlimited profiles length compared with processing press brake and separately punching machine with holes punching mould. C & Z Purlins mainly use hot roll steel strip or hot dip galvanized steel strip at thickness 1.0~3.0mm.
Our C-Channel Steel Roll Forming Machine complete with hydraulic cutting and punching hole devices by PLC system. The multiple C-Z purlin dimensions in one machine without changing any rollers are designed, only through changing the spacer of the rollers. Our roll formers cover the range of material types and thicknesses for any market.
Composition of C & Z Purlin Roll Forming Line
The whole C & Z Purlin line mainly consists of Single head de-coiler, coil sheet flattening equipment, hoop (2 sets), punching machine with holes punching moulds, roll forming machine, straightening device, positioning hydraulic mould cutting device, run-out table, electrical control system.

C_Z Purlin roll forming equipment Specification

Flattening equipment Roller stations

6 Stations

Punching machine with moulds Capacity


Roll Formed Profile Type:

C-Z Purline profiles

Line structure

Portal-type frame style: A3 steel

Forming Roller Stations:

20 Stations

Forming Roller shaft:

φ58mm, 40Cr, quenching, treating

Forming rollers

GCr15, quenching, hardness HRC50-58º

Forming Speed:

12 meters / min (suggestion speed: 7-8m/min)

Main motor:


Hydraulic station motor


feed material thickness:

(1-3) mm× L

Suitable raw material:

Q235A galvanized steel sheet

Driving mode:


Auxiliary rollers station

5-11 stations

Material of Roller:


Cutting mode:

automatic punching cutting style , holes Punching Before roll-formed

Blade material:

Cr12, quenching and treating

Cutting length Tolerance


Control mode


Line speed

Adjusted by Frequency Inverter


380V/3ph/50Hz or according to the buyer's requirement

Run-out table mode:

roller style

Line dimension:

14000mmx 1400mm x 1200mm

We can send the best solution and design different style C & Z Purlin roll forming machine according to client’s requirements, such as holes punched after profile roll formed, or pre- punched, etc. We can do a custom roll forming machine, i.e. we can design the machine according to your specification and profile drawing. Complex questions will be simple here.
Further details, pls contact with us!

We can provide the most preferential profit to customers all over the world with competitive prices and high quality items.

C&Z Purline Profile samples
One roll forming machine only can produce one profile. The following profile drawings are some examples for your reference.

PURLINS, both C and Z, are available in various sizes rolled to any length. They can be ordered plain or with holes pre-punched, as per standard end punching shown below, or punched to any layout required. The standard maximum length for delivery of purlins is 12 meters. Greater length than 12 meters are obtainable but require special delivery vehicles




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