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K-Span arched panels Machine

K-Span Buildings with K-span arched panels
K-span buildings are a new form of construction. K-span arched panels are seamed together to form an economical and watertight steel structure. The final shape and strength of the materials used cancels the need for columns, beams, or any other type of interior support. All of the panel-to-panel connections are joined using an electric automatic seaming machine. Because of this, there are no nuts, bolts, or any other type of fastener to slow down construction or create leaks. Buildings can be built quickly and efficiently.

K-Span roll forming machines
K-Span Curving Roof Roll Forming Machine is consisted of main roll forming machine, arc bending machine and automatic locking machine. The power set to automatically transport the colored steel sheet is equipped in the forming press section, which can press the colored steel sheet with the thickness of 0.5~1.5mm. The length of the finished sheet is measured by the electronic measurement instrument or mechanical measurement instrument. The hoisting tool is light and handy. It is convenient to install and uninstall the hoisting tool. Its hoisting speed is quick.

610 Arch plate forming machine
Large-Span Curving Roof Roll Forming machine (Straight panel)

Arc Bending Machine Main dates
(Curving machine)

Locking seam Machine
(Snap lock panel roll former)

K-Span metal Roof panel roll forming machine specification

K Span Roll Forming Machine

Roll Formed Profile Type:

K-Span metal Roof panel 914-610

Raw material width:

914 mm

Raw material thickness:


Line speed:

12-15 m/min

Rollers station:

17 sets

Material of roller:

62# forge steel, polished

Material of main shaft:

45# forge steel, Ф85mm

Main power:


Hydraulic station power:


Hydraulic pressure:


Line size:


Arc Bending Machine Main dates

Suitable raw material:

0.8-1.5mm colored steel strip

Bending speed:


Forming Roller Stations:

2 Stations

Bending machine motors:

8.5KW. (5.5KW + 2x1.5KW)

Machine Size:


Automatic Locking Machine / Snap lock panel rollformer


This kind large span curving roof roll forming machine is mounted on a trailer, forming a type of “mobile factory” that is easily towed to even the remotest construction sites when installing standing seam metal roofs or curved roof panels. An important aspect of this machine is that it can be transported anywhere in the world easily. Once the machine is delivered on site, it can be set up in minutes and turn coils of steel into structural. This K-Span roll forming machine is a portable rollformer, similar with ABM K-span building Machine MIC-120 and MIC-240. All the parts except for the decoiler are mounted on the mobile trailer.
The system is to produce straight and curved panels from the same sheet of steel. These panels are assembled on a prepared or expedient foundation with an electric seaming device until the desired size building is erected. And self-supporting and require no support beams or trusses, nuts, bolts, rivets, fasteners or sealant of any kind.

Drawing of Arch plate Forming Machine

610 Arch plate Forming Machine Specification

K Span Roll Forming Machine

Roll Formed Profile Type:

K-Span metal Roof panel 914-610

Raw material width:

914 mm

Raw material thickness:


Max k-span width


Line speed:

Straight sheet: 15m/min

Arch sheet: 13m/min

Sewing: 16m/min

Rollers station:

13 sets

Material of roller:

45# forge steel

Material of main shaft:


Main power:


Material of cutting blade:

CR12, Quenched

Arc Bending Machine Main dates

Min. Radius:


Bending power:


Automatic Snap lock panel rollformer

Total Weight:


Control system:

Electrical control

Total Line size:


K-span Arch sheet roll forming machine· Arch sheet arch sheet profile
There still have the other type K-span arched panels, same as the K-span METAL ROOFING MACHINES 914-610, just provided in different section on the K-span roof panel, We can manufacture as per customer provided drawings or real objects of sectional materials, customization is welcome. The following is some profiles as reference.
Arch sheet arch sheet profile type: 600-305

Raw material width: 600mm; Profile up-opening width 305mm; Max k-span curving roof width 45m; utilization rate: 55%
Arch sheet arch sheet profile type: 914-610

Raw material width: 914mm; Profile up-opening width 610mm; Max k-span curving roof width 30m; utilization rate: 66%
Arch sheet arch sheet profile type: 914-650

Raw material width: 914mm; Profile up-opening width 650mm; Max k-span curving roof width 24m; utilization rate: 71%
(5% more economy than type 610)
Arch sheet arch sheet profile type: 914-700

Raw material width: 914mm; Profile up-opening width 700mm; Max k-span curving roof width 18m; utilization rate: 77%
(11% more economy than type 610)
Arch sheet arch sheet profile type: 1000-750 /1000-800

Raw material width: 1000mm; Profile up-opening width 800mm / 750mm; Max k-span curving roof width 12m.
Advantages of the K-span
There has report showed the costs 40-60% less than labor-intensive conventional construction or prefabricated buildings. The state-of-the-art technology lowers cost by reducing the crew and by eliminating your dependency on architects or engineers. With the seaming machine, there is no need for nuts, bolts or screws. This feasible solution allows you to manufacture a building in as little as a single day, saving valuable time and money.
Flexible Designs
The K-span arched panels allows you to build structures to your unique specifications. Clear span building widths can be small or large. Building lengths and the ability to later expand a building are unlimited, provides you with capability to create self-supporting ground-to-ground panels with gable, double and single radius designs. Various colors of steel can also be used to enhance the appearance of your buildings.
Durable and Low Maintenance Buildings
The constructs durable, virtually maintenance-free buildings, because they are watertight, rust-free and fireproof. Buildings with K-Span arched panels have been tested for severe weather conditions and can withstand typhoons, earthquakes, harsh winds and heavy snow.




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