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Roof Panel Arch Crimping Machine

Curved roof panel profiles are available in concave as well as convex curved sheets to give architectural features to the building. This is the economical way for the roofing solution.


Hydraulic Arch crimping machine is and bending machine for roof panel and used to crimp the formed corrugated sheets into horizontal stripes through hydraulic crimping mold. The distance between each press will decide the curvature of the arch. It is suitable for edge of buildings, parking garage, pavilion and various round roofs of buildings. The Composition of hydraulic Arch crimping machine Crimping main machine and Control panel, this crimping machine can crimp both ends of roofing sheet.

Hydraulic arch crimping machine technology Specification

Formed Profile Type:

Arch Roof panel

Raw material thickness:

0.3-1.0 mm

Corrugated Punching moulds

CR12, HRC55-60

Line speed:


Feeding mode:

Servo motor, 1kw

Main power:


Hydraulic station power


Electrical control system


Max. bending angle


Machine size

3000 mm×1400mm×1400 mm

We also can do a custom Metal sheet Cranking machine, i.e. We can design the machine according to your specification and profile drawing.


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