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Roof Ridge cap machine
Ridge Cap finishes off hips and ridges. A ridge capping provides an effective watertight barrier, as well as an aesthetic finish to the cut ends of the sheet at the ridge and hip lines. Ridge Cap can provide the utmost protection in roofing with its industry-leading design to decorate as well as optimize the function of the roof and increase the life span of the roof. Our many different metal material options provide you with a wide array of design options to consist with your shingle style. Roof ridge cap made of fiberglass provide a watertight, and easy to install and are long-lasting solutions for utility buildings.
Our roof ridge cap roll forming line profiles

Ridge Tile or Cap roll forming machine structure feature
Simple structure, beautiful exterior, the whole machine buildup by forge steel, the whole process after welding, so suit structure, strong loading capacity, working calm. Some important equipment comes from famous companies, sure good quality and performance. Automatic cutting equipment, precision cutting, no distortion, easy debug, suit factory, Small noise and high working
Ridge Tile Roll Forming Machine components
This machine buildup by de-coiling (mainly consists of un-coiler and its base), gearing rigging, roll stand and main machine, pressuring system, cutting equipment, hydraulic system, control system, and product supporter.
Ridge Tile CAP roll forming machine technology specification

Raw material width:

350 mm

Raw material thickness:


Line speed:


Rollers station

12 sets

Main power:


Hydraulic station power:


Hydraulic pressure:


Control system:

PLC Control (Panasonic brand); Code (Omron brand)

Tolerance of length:


Material of Sheet:

Soft Quality (Annealed) Galvanized Sheet

Drive mode:

single row of chain: 1 inch

Total Gross Weight:

About 3500kgs

Line size (Lx w x h)

7500 mm×1000 mm×1100 mm

Ridge cap Tile roll forming machine • Ridge cap Tile Profiles

Related Ridge Cap Sample
We can manufacture as per customer provided drawings or real objects of sectional materials, customization is welcome. PLS contact with us for the further details!



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