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Insulated Panel Lines

Polyurethane foam panel industry
We offers the complete roll forming lines for Insulated Panel Lines, Insulated Wall Panels, Insulated Roof Panels and Sandwich Panels including installation and world class service.
Insulated Metal Panels continue to enjoy a growing segment in the construction industry. With the ease of installation that they offer and the environmental benefits of polyurethane foam panels there is little wonder why they are being specified so often in commercial and institutional projects. Expanding polyurethane (PU) has many qualities that allow it to fill a variety of applications and dimensions. When used in a sandwich panel application there are thickness ranges available from 2” up to 10”. And the R value of these foam panels is unmatched. The metal panels or skins of the panels have a wide array of finishes and textures to give architects and specifiers many pleasing options.
Expanding polyurethane foam was discovered in the 1960’s and has found many useful applications in a wide variety of industries. we do it all. We design and build complete systems including combination lines where Mineral Wool or Rock Wool may be used as an alternative to the PU foam core.

Polyurethane foam panel roll forming line profile


Polyurethane foam panel roll forming line technology drawing

Polyurethane foam panel sample




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