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Metal sheet Embossing Machine

 Our machinery has been responding to market needs for over 10 years with precision engineered embossing and calendering systems in metal processing machinery industry. We provide customers worldwide with quality engraved rolls and plates, and can offer customers expanded choice and increased manufacturing flexibility. With full-range of embossing machinery, applications include construction, filtration, agricultural and medical industry.
Our metal sheet embossing machinery are constructed on proven technologies and custom-built to exact parameters essential to your application and product.

Metal sheet Embossing machinery industry brief introduction

Embossing is a metal forming manufacturing process by means of male and female harden metal rollers (dies) to form raise or sunken patterns on sheet of metal. In cases where the patterns on both sides of the panels have to be matched, a set of well-matched engraved counter rollers will be necessary. This will ensure the panels are aesthetic from the inside as well as outside.
Metal embossing is a value-added operation. A metal embossing machine can be easily integrated into any coil processing line, such as thin embossing steel or aluminum roof panel roll forming lines. Embossing can help open new markets, solidify existing business relationships, and enhance almost any flat-rolled product.
Embossing Machine Rollers

The embossing rollers are the main and most important parts of the machine. The desired grain pattern, depth, linear pitch length, width, tension strength, thickness and width of material, production speed, production capacity, and such can all be factors of how the rollers will be produced.
The rollers must to be made by high specifications of qualified raw material either high carbon steel or steel alloy with precision machining, grinding, engraving, and treatment. The different levels of heat treatment will apply depending on applications. In order to generate the best quality, the patterns of rollers are made by CNC, graving, laser engraving, abrasive engraving, etc.
Hardened Steel Roll Sets - Our engraved metal embossing rolls are manufactured from high quality 52100 modified steel forgings, through hardened to 62-65 Rockwell C. While this may take a little more time and be slightly higher in cost, it yields dividends in increased longevity and wear.
Advantages and applications of embossing machines
• Maintain thickness and shape of product before and after
• Efficient for medium to high production jobs
• Produce unlimited patterns
• Reproduce with no variation

Metal Sheet Embossing Pattern applications
The applications of embossing are widely used in the industries of windows, doors, furniture, offices, buildings, automobiles, cold roll formed steel bar, ventilation duct sheets and more. All of the styles can be embossed with different textures without effecting the thickness and bends. Embossing can be for either aesthetic or structural or both reasons.
Metal Sheet Embossing Equipments Category
Most embossed metal is produced in coil form. Ideally, the embossing machine is situated directly after an uncoiler in the processing line and may be followed by a number of different operations. Typcially, these operations include recoiling, sheeting or cutting-to-length, roll forming, stamping, or any combination thereof.
The embossing machine can either be a stationary fixture in the metal processing line, or it can be made movable with wheels, rails, or a crane and lifting bolt assembly. While most machines are driven with an integral motor and drive package, embossing can also be performed using the power of a recoiler or other device and an unpowered pull-through embossing stand. Horsepower requirements depend on line speed and, to a lesser degree, material thickness, pattern, and roll size.
Metal sheet embossing machines Category
Stainless steel sheets embossing machine, Colored steel embossing machine, Aluminum embossing machine
Stainless Steel Sheet Embossing Machine
We are specialized in manufacturing embossing roller, graining roll, gold blocking plate, light extinction roll, mirror roll, brand plate and forming mould with dermatoglyph pattern, reticulate pattern and wood-grain. The product is used in construction industry and embossing decorative material industry.

Double surface stainless steel Embossing machine technology specification:

Roll Formed Profile Type:

Embossed sheets pattern according clients’ request

Embossing roller diameter

About 300mm

Efficient width:

1250 mm (optional)

maximum thickness:

0.4mm-1.2 mm

Sheet Material

galvanized mild steel, stainless steel

Motor power:

5.5Kw, 3x380V

Diameter of rolling

cycloid reducer and chain

Speed of embossing


Main machine Size:




The stainless steel slipping-proof pattern board is mainly applied in various machineries, lifts, stairs, construction and decoration industry. The normal sizes are as following,
Material max Width: within 1300mm,
Thickness range: 0.3mm-2.5mm. (Different sheet thickness is according to the pattern requested by clients).

Colored Steel aluminum sheet Embossing Machine

We can supply the whole set of relief pattern embossed color steel machine for colored double surface metal embossing pattern.
Our machines can process metal thin board in roll and sheet with a specification of (0.05mm-1.0mm) x 1300mm.
Factory equipped with one special package of advanced embossing equipment, batch processing can be embossed sheet, aluminum sheet, color coated steel. The embossing lines can suppress the 0.05 ~ 1.00 * 1300mm sheet size, sheet metal sheet.
Roll patterns are with diamond-shaped pattern, hexagon effect, orange peel effect and pearl effect.
These patterns are widely used in steel construction industry for roofing and decoration metal sheets.

Double-sided Aluminum Foil Embossing rolling line

The whole aluminum foil embossing line is consisted of De-coiler, re-coiler, solid roller material embossing rollers and hollow embossing rollers and electrical control system.
Please contact with us for the further details!

Double-sided metal embossing machine specifications
●It is mainly applied in embossing of non ferrous metal thin boards, such as aluminum board, color steel board, stainless steel board, garage door, refrigerator, cold house, constructive and decorative materials, etc.
●The pattern is processed by concave and convex counter pressing, and its depth can be adjusted through the screw.
●Material of roller: alloy steel, 42CrMo, 40Cr, 60CrMnMo, 9Cr2M.
●The solid of forged piece of roller is quenched, tempered and processed by heat treatment HRC55-62.
●The gear drive between rollers is precise and of no clearance.
●It can be applied to thin roll and sheet.
●The winder and un-winder are of cylinder moving top disc type or expansion cylinder type.



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