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Metal sheet roofing machines
1. Metal roof sheet machines

Metal roof sheet machines
Our roofing panel roll forming machines are special for manufacturing high quality steel roof & wall cladding panels. With our engineer’s many times improvements, the roof machine design is perfect. The profile surface is smooth and power fee is lower, driven by chain…
2. Double Layer Roofing Machine

Double Layer Roofing Machine
The automatic Double layer Roofing Machine can roll forming two different metal roofing sheets without changing any rollers or cutting die because there are two sets of rollers and cutting device in this double decking machine. Automatic double layer roof panel line is the best solution to save clients’ working space. Top and bottom rolls can produce different profiles etc. the two different roof panel profiles is opitional…
3. Roofing tile roll forming machine

Roofing tile roll forming machine
The Roofing tile roll forming machine design allows for the production of traditional tile panels and fastened tile panels. The step width and depth can be varied via the touch screen control. It produces a profile that has an adjustable depth and an adjustable reveal that gives panels the true appearance of clay tiles…
4. Steel Decking Roll Forming Machine

Steel Decking Roll Forming Machine
Steel Floor Decking Roll Forming Machine can rollform metal deck profile. After roll formed by this roll forming machine, the surface will be very smooth and beautiful without any scratch on surface. The designing of metal deck forming machine is aided and optimized by computer…
5. Roof Ridge cap machine

Roof Ridge cap machine
This ridge cap roll forming machine can rollform metal ridge which is mostly used with colorful roofing tile sheets. We can manufacture as per customer provided drawings or real objects of sectional materials, customization is welcome. The following is some profiles as reference…
6. Roof panel Crimping Machine

Roof panel Crimping Machine
Hydraulic Arch crimping machine is used to crimp the formed corrugated sheets into horizontal stripes through hydraulic crimping mold. The distance between each press will decide the curvature of the arch. It is suitable for edge of buildings, parking garage, pavilion and various round roofs of buildings…
7. Corrugated sheet rolling machine

Corrugated sheet rolling machine
This kind corrugated sheet rolling machine can bend riveted corrugated steel tanks and agricultural silos with formed corrugated sheet , Corrugated Steel Bending Machine is a three roll double pinch machine specifically designed to roll corrugated sheets of galvanized steel …
8. K-Span Roof Roll Forming machine

K-Span Roof Roll Forming machine
K-Span Curving Roof Roll Forming Machine is consisted of main roll forming machine, arc bending machine and automatic locking machine. The power set to automatically transport the colored steel sheet is equipped in the forming press section, which can press the colored steel sheet with the thickness of 0.5~1.5mm…
9. C-Z purlin roll forming machine

C-Z purlin roll forming machine
C-Z purlin roll forming machine are much more efficient and producing unlimited profiles length compared with processing press brake and separately punching machine with holes punching mould. C & Z Purlins mainly use hot roll steel strip or hot dip galvanized steel strip at thickness 1.0~3.0mm…
10. Insulated Panel Lines

Insulated Panel Lines
We offers the complete roll forming lines for Insulated Panel Lines, Insulated Wall Panels, Insulated Roof Panels and Sandwich Panels including installation and world class service.…


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